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Regents Park College Oxford

July 2015

Hidden treasures, part 2: He who watcheth

As I mentioned last week, the story of the Lorrain’s “holiday trip of 4000 miles” is too good not to be shared.  It is very much fixed at a certain point in time but is so well written that it gives a different, perhaps more complete, perspective than we would perhaps find in a history… Read more »

Hidden treasure

Seeing as I have now been in post for three weeks, I thought it about time that I write a blog post to replace the advertisement for my position. My first three weeks at the Angus have been wonderful.  The team has been incredibly welcoming and I delight daily at all the wonderful items we… Read more »

From the blog

7th October 2015

Escaping to 1896 India…

It’s been a very busy few days here at Regent’s Park College.  All our new students have arrived and there is a much busier,...
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