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Posted Thursday, 17th May 2012

As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project we are hoping to develop National Curriculum resources for use with Key stage 3 students. We are currently interviewing teachers to find out:

  • What areas they would appreciate additional resources in?
  • What subjects are hot topics at the moment?
  • What format the additional resources would take?
  • And what we could do that would be of most benefit to them?

Below is a presentation that is being given to teachers as a general representation of types of items we hold and the subject areas where we could possibly develop resources.


If you have any feedback or think you may have something to offer in the development of these resources please leave a comment or email us at

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Regent’s, Angus, Thomas Helwys and Radio 4

Posted Sunday, 29th April 2012

Below is the link to the segment on Radio 4, the segment recorded in
The Angus Library and Archive starts 15:00 minutes into the program about
Thomas Helwys and The Short Declaration of the Mistery of Iniquity.
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The Angus Library on Radio 4 this Sunday

Posted Friday, 27th April 2012

The Angus Library and Archive is on Radio 4’s Sunday Program this coming Sunday between 7am – 8am.
Trevor Barnes is running a 6 minute spot focusing on the
400th anniversary of the English beginings of the Baptist denomination
with a focus on Thomas Helwys
and The Short Declaration of the Mistery of Iniquity.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

We will post the link early next week for those that miss it and for those who may just not be awake at 7am on Sunday.

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Disco Babe Revealed

Posted Thursday, 19th April 2012

If you look in the bottom left hand corner of the picture in the previous post you will find this our disco babe.
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Disco Babe

Posted Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Above is the illustrated title page of one of our editions of  Richard Baxter’s, The saint’s everlasting rest, 1677.

You may ask what the title Disco Babe, has to do with a work by Richard Baxter on the saint’s…..the answer is in the picture.

I will buy a coffee for person with the first correct guess, I’ll post a picture of the answer in a couple of days if no one can find it.

It was discovered by Konstantina, the constervator that is currently cleaning and assessing The Angus Library collection. As a result of this she is opening and looking at every item in the collection, many of which have not been touched for well over a decade.

As she continues to clean she will come across gems like this title page which we will share them with you on this blog.

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Our first discovery!!

Posted Monday, 19th March 2012

This is the title page to the New Testament of the so-called Matthew Bible, first printed in 1537 from an edited version of William Tyndal’s translation of the New Testament and of parts of the Old Testament, supplemented by Coverdale’s 1535 Old Testament translation. Because William Tyndal had been executed in 1536 as a result of his religious beliefs, the editor John Rogers decided to print the Bible under the false name of Thomas Matthew.

This copy was recently discovered as part of our survey of the collection. Unfortunately, it was re-bound in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, which means that the edges have been trimmed back. Our copy also misses the first few leaves of the Old Testament, including the title page, so it was rather fortunate for us that the printers decided to have a separate title page for the New Testament!
The title page is made up of different woodcuts, showing biblical scenes. A previous owner obviously decided to add his or her signature in 1804. This is not the only ownership mark in the book: an H. Bowles signed his or her name in 1664, while the front pastedown carries the bookplate of Stepney College, the predecessor of Regent’s Park College.
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Facebook Link

Posted Tuesday, 6th March 2012

Click below to visit our Facebook page
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Let’s go!

Posted Tuesday, 6th March 2012

Welcome to the new Angus Library and Archive blog.

The main reason for starting this blog at this time is that it is a very exciting time in the life and development of the Angus.

We have a Conservation Project being undertaken alongside a Heritage Lottery Fund Project for more information about them please click on the tabs at the top of the page. 

For the first time we are assessing the collection completely including a backlog that has never been touched, and through this process we expect to find all sorts of gems as well as interesting, strange and random items, such as the Catechism from the Council of Trent, 1567.

We also have a number of new staff that are working on the various projects which will also be adding to the blog.
So as we continue on this journey of discovery come with us and see what wonders we find.

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