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Regents Park College Oxford

November 2013

The Apostate Baptist and the Father of English Hymns

Vindiciæ mentis: An essay of the being and nature of mind: Wherein the distinction of mind and body, the substantiality, personality, and perfection of mind is asserted; and the original of our minds, their present, separate, and future state, is freely enquir’d into, in order to a more certain foundation for the knowledge of God,… Read more »

The New Whole Duty of Man

Cataloguing of the older books in the collection has recently begun, and one of the first items to be catalogued is The New Whole Duty of Man (London, 1756). First published in 1658 at the end of the Commonwealth period, it promoted the High Anglicanism which was restored with the monarchy two years later. It… Read more »

From the blog

7th October 2015

Escaping to 1896 India…

It’s been a very busy few days here at Regent’s Park College.  All our new students have arrived and there is a much busier,...
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